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By their very nature, floors get worn down over time. One step across your floor may seem to have little impact on its condition, but hundreds of footsteps each day, over the course of weeks, months, and years, can wear them down. Debris tracked in from outside and ground into the hardwood, sharp stiletto heels running out the door to make it to an appointment, and pets’ sharp claws scrabbling across the floor in pursuit of a favorite toy all have the potential to scratch and mar the surface of your nice hardwood floors. Even the seemingly soft pads of a dog or cat’s feet are like a fine sandpaper and can gradually wear down your floor over time. Spilled drinks, dropped food that gets ground into the surface, or even children with curious little hands can leave stains and marks that leave your floors patchy and dull.

Over time your floors may appear to be in such bad condition that they need to be completely replaced or sanded down. The sun can cause the boards to fade, and it’s very likely that the sun exposure will be uneven, leaving unsightly, mottled patches. Due to fluctuating humidity levels, the floorboards may separate, become uneven, or even crack under the repeated abuse from regular foot traffic. This sort of damage is unsightly, and it can even be dangerous. Uneven floorboards present a safety hazard, creating tripping hazards in highly-trafficked areas. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to replace high-quality flooring—often prohibitively so.

Fortunately, N-Hance’s floor refinishing service can repair or disguise much of this damage. With our specialized processes and expert technicians, we can pinpoint problem areas and make repairs to refresh and restore that original life and luster to your floors. Whether your floor needs a complete overhaul to remove worn-down paths in high-traffic areas or just a bit of touch up to brighten it up a bit, we provide several options so that we can suit your specific needs.

Take a look at some of our floor refinishing services below so that you can pick the ideal solution for your floors.



N-Hance Floor Renewal Options

Basic Floor Renewal

Basic Floor Renewal 

The Basic Floor Renewal is our simplest floor refinishing service, meant for floors that need just a bit of touching up. It is ideal for a floor that has some visible wear with light surface scratches. Floors best suited for this service have the finish pretty much intact with no signs of bare wood. Separations between the boards are minimal, and the entire floor requires minor touch-up, if any. This floor refinishing service offers no color shifting or color change, but it will remove grease and dirt, and it will extend the life of your floors and renew their faded luster for years to come.

The process is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional refinishing methods. It leaves no dust, mess, or odor, and it includes an elegant protective finish. A Basic Floor Renewal is typically completed in about a day.



Hammered Floor Renewal

Hammered Floor Renewal 

The Hammered Floor Renewal is a step above the basic process. This floor refinishing servce is for a floor that has had a little bit rougher time. If your floors have grey to black traffic areas that have been worn down to the bare wood, this is probably exactly what you are looking for. The finish may be intact along the perimeter of the room, but the center of the floor is completely worn down. Deep impressions and scratches across the grain of the wood are visible, often due to large dogs, children, or families moving around large furniture such as a piano or a refrigerator. There may be water damage on this type of floor, and separations between the boards run throughout the entire wood surface.

With this type of floor refinishing service, the technician will need to screen and fill the floor. This is a slightly bigger job than our Basic Floor Renewal, and it may take 1-2 days to complete.



Non-Sandable Floor Renewal

Non-Sandable Floor Renewal 

Many types of floor cannot be sanded. Certain specialty woods, such as cork or bamboo, can be ruined by sanding. Some engineered floors are also not well-suited to being sanded. The grain of the cosmetic surface of the wood only goes deep enough to provide an aesthetic quality before being replaced by the stronger, but less visually appealing, inner core. Additionally, hand-scraped and distressed floors are becoming increasingly popular, and sanding would destroy their distinctive looks.

Even with solid wood floors that can be sanded, you can only sand once or twice before you have worn down the floor to the tongue and groove. Because the N-Hance process does not generally go down to the grain level, we can refinish all of these types of floors, making N-Hance’s floor refinishing service your best and only solution for these situations.




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