Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets

When it’s time to start contemplating painting your kitchen cabinets, of all the color options available to you dark green might not have started at the top of the list. However, more and more homeowners are increasingly turning to this elegant hue for its warmth and sophistication. Plus, if you have lighter counters and floors, dark green can be the ideal color to add color and contrast.

Why Choose Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets?

If black feels too intense and brown doesn’t align with your style, consider painting your kitchen cabinets dark green instead. You can infuse color into your kitchen in a way that isn’t overwhelming, while also:

Adding an earthy appeal.

Whether you desire the richness of forest green, the freshness of mint, or the subtlety of sage, there is an extensive range of green cabinet shades to choose from. This versatility makes it easy to bring green into your kitchen in a way that works well with your existing finishes, such as flooring and countertops.

Getting a classic look.

Even if you want to change up the decor of your kitchen in the future, dark green will always offer a beautiful backdrop for incorporating different looks.

Capturing the heritage aesthetic.

If you love the heritage look inspired from England or early colonial days, then dark green is the ideal choice. Pair your dark green kitchen cabinets with white marble countertops and then integrate antique gold hardware and lighting fixtures. Your kitchen will capture heritage appeal in no time.

Creating warmth and style.

You don’t need a stark white kitchen to create a sophisticated or modern look in your kitchen. With dark green kitchen cabinets, you’ll get both warmth and style. You can further enhance your cabinets with pops of color like terracotta, light gray, or natural hardwood.

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