N-Hance franchise owners in Spokane and Tacoma, Washington have been with N-Hance since 2006. Many of the before and after photos on national-wide marketing materials are of jobs done by N-Hance in Spokane/Tacoma.


Adam Blake is their office manager, marketing designer, CSR, and CFO.  When he set his New Year’s resolution to be more productive they told him to slow down and quit over achieving.


Jeff Pace is their operations manager, trainer, and master technician.  He gets the job done, and high speed cameras are needed to watch his moves.


Dennis Pace is the godfather (and dad, and father-in-law) of the operation.  He runs their Home Depot relations, commercial prospecting, helps on jobs, and goes on estimates. They want to be big enough to force him into retirement.


Eric Cox is the sales manager, lead estimator, advertising specialist, IT support, PBX phone system initiate, magician extraordinaire, custom carpenter, technician, office guy when Adam is out, and has a fair amount of ADD… or so he says.


On their Spokane side they have:

Daniel Masegain is their lead tech and sole employee in Spokane.  He is fast.  So fast it took us longer to write this up then it takes for him to do most kitchen renewals.


On their Tacoma side they have:

Daniel Williams – their area manager.  He has been with them for just over 2 years. He closes the deals, and keeps the guys in line.

Seth Williams is madly artistic.  Leading most color changes he gets it done, no matter how long it takes!

Kevin Metchke is a tech in Tacoma, but will be leaving them to start a church.  They couldn’t argue with the higher calling, though they do wish he would stay.

Ricky Dunn is their new guy. A southern gentleman who may steal the sales role from Daniel.  They stuck him in the van to help the other guys anyways.


Their favorite jobs are Oak kitchen renewals. They are the least expensive for the customer, and they turn out amazing! Color shifts over darker raised panel oak is also a marvelous job to do, as it is forgiving, and turns out so good in such a short time.


They love Spokane because it has 4 seasons, the address system makes sense, and there are 70 lakes within 70 miles. They know most of the business owners around town, and have loved growing with them. They have mountains, so they always know which way is north.


They had a record breaking year in 2013, and look forward to translating that volume into profitability in the years to come.  They have seen the value in dividing the work among themselves to keep everyone doing what they love and are good at.


You can visit their webpages here:  Spokane  and  Tacoma.