Here at N-Hance we are often asked how to clean wood floors and cabinets. Thanks to our R&D department, and our extensive testing, we feel authorized to answer.

We recommend cleaning wood floors and cabinets with a microfiber pad lightly damp with:

-Water and small amount of dish detergent
-N-Hance Floor or Cabinet Cleaner

Most people are surprised when we tell them to clean their floors or cabinets with just water. In most cases it is all you need. Do not use scrubs, bleaches or wax based cleaners. They will ruin your finish and can often void your warranty.  In order to give you a more complete answer I have contacted Trevor Kaftan, of N-Hance Wood Renewal of Poughkeepsie, New York.

Trevor said, “Clean all food spills from wood surfaces immediately. Use a microfiber or other lint free cloth with water or a mild cleaner. Don’t use harsh detergents as it will damage your wood surfaces and as always, be sure to dry the area completely!” It is really important to dry the area completely. Leaving your floors wet can damage your floors unnecessarily.