Monty Huntsman became an N-Hance franchise owner in December of 2005. He came from a history of auto body repair and painting. Spraying cars and spraying cabinets is very similar. Not only the spraying, but the masking and the attention to detail as well.

Monty now has four technicians on his team who all have a great track record for customer satisfaction.

Monty enjoys doing color change cabinet service for customers. It show the biggest change for the money they spend. Below are some examples of the workmanship his company has completed.

We asked Monty why he likes living in Utah, Monty, said he likes living in Utah because the mountains give a large amount of entertainment. The N-Hance corporate office is only an hour away from Monty, and we have to agree with him. Northern Utah is a great place to live if you enjoy activities in the mountains.

You can visit his website by clicking here.