Jean and Kevin Knobloch opened their first N-Hance franchise in May 2011. In August 2011 they expanded to two franchises. Then in March 2012 they expanded to three. In 2013 they expanded out of New York to include Burlington, Vermont.

The Knoblochs have developed a strong working team. With this team they have received many awards including: Rookie of the Year (2012), and Franchise of the Year (2013). Jean Knobloch is the CEO and handles all the accounting and scheduling. Kevin Knobloch handles all the sales, and he is also the daily Operation Manager of Technicians. Andy Fraser, who has been with them from just about the beginning, is their Director of Techs. Andy is a first class tech with many years’ experience in spraying and employee training. This year he will be training an additional two full time techs. Cody Rumble is a tech who shortly will be Lead Tech. Jon Smith is a part time tech who helps out when needed.

Jamie Smith is their CSR who handles all our Facebook postings, before and after photos, and customer files. She is often assisting their CEO.

Here is a great floor before and after…

For the Knoblochs, wood is their passion.  For more than 30 years they have worked with all types of wood floors and kitchens. From milling, installing and refinishing. They love refinishing a floor in one day with the Lightspeed UV curing process. Jean said, “Customers put back their furniture that night and are just AMAZED.  To see the customer’s reactions upon completing a color change on their 20 year old cabinets to exactly what their neighbors just spent three times more on new cabinets is priceless.”

Jean and Kevin enjoy giving back to their community. They recently just completed refinishing some floors for house of Grace.

They live in a country setting where one day they are working in the middle of no man’s land and the next day they are working in Albany City.  Their main office and shop location is in Glen Falls, NY.

You can contact them by visiting their websites:

Upper Hudson, New York

Burlington, Vermont